Our training programmes, classes and courses are designed to help teach your dog new tricks as well as enable your puppy or dog to socialise with other dogs. Using rewards based and positive training methods, our AVA accredited dog trainer will ensure that your dog or puppy learns in the most suitable environment possible.

Basic Obedience And Socialisation Group Class

  • Latest class dates:

Marina Bay (next to Passion Wave) – Sat, May 4 (10am to 11am) TWO PLACES LEFT!

Bishan Park – Sun, Apr 28 (10am to 11am) TWO PLACES LEFT!

Bishan Park – Sun, Jun 16 (10am to 11am) REGISTER NOW!

  • Not suitable for aggressive or very fearful dogs. Please arrange for private behaviour modification sessions first to get the dog ready for the class
  • Venues: Bishan Park, Marina Bay and Tampines Central Park
  • $350.00 for a six-week course (one-hour per session)
  • $250.00 for a six-week course (one-hour per session) for adopted dogs in HDB (Project ADORE)

This six-week course is for dogs five months and older. There is no UPPER age limit, since it is NEVER too late to have a good canine citizen.

We will start with basic manners and problem behaviour prevention (or modification), and focus on appropriate social skills with dogs and humans during on-leash introductions and off-leash play.

In addition to socialisation, this class covers basic obedience training (sit, down, stay, come, leave it, and loose leash walking) and problem prevention (biting, barking, chewing) using positive reinforcement.

Home-based Individual Basic Obedience Programme

  • Three one-hour sessions
  • $450 per dog for non-aggressive dogs (districts 12 to 18)
  • $510 per dog for non-aggressive dogs (districts 1 to 11 and 19 and 20)
  • $570 per dog for non-aggressive dogs (districts 21 to 28 and Sentosa)
  • From $750 per dog (depending on location) for aggressive dogs

(You can check your district number here)

Home-based individual training works best if your dog is nervous, fearful or too excitable and distracted in an unfamiliar environment. This programme gives us time to teach your dog basic obedience skills at a pace that is least stressful for your dog. Socialization is also incorporated under close guidance and supervision in a real world setting so that you learn how to teach your dog good canine manners.

Puppy Start-It-Right Course

  • Two courses to choose from
Course A
  • Three one-hour sessions
  • $450 per puppy (districts 12 to 18)
  • $510 per puppy (districts 1 to 11 and 19 and 20)
  • $570 per puppy (districts 21 to 28 and Sentosa)
Course B
  • $500 for a one-hour home-based session and six one-hour group sessions

(You can check your district number here)

This course is designed for puppies so that they can get a head-start on their basic manners. The emphasis will be on fun, positive training in a relaxed setting. We will also address common issues like toilet training, puppy play nipping, separation anxiety and puppy teething.

We strongly recommend this course for new puppy owners as it will ensure that best start possible for you and your puppy as you begin on your lifelong journey together.