Our behavioural modification programmes are designed to help you deal with problems such as pulling on the leash, anxiety, confidence building, dog aggression, people aggression and more. Using force free and positive only methods, our qualified canine behaviourist will tailor a programme to suit your dog’s needs on the very first house call.

The first session allows our canine behaviourist to observe the interactions between your family members and your dog. This evaluation helps our canine behaviourist understand your dog better and determine what your goals are for your dog. From this information our canine behaviourist will recommend the best training approach and demonstrate to you effective techniques that work to shape your dog’s behaviour. Your dog’s training curriculum will be designed around your individual dog and your goals. This first session typically lasts between 60 minutes to 90 minutes.

For subsequent visits, our canine behaviourist will teach you and your family how to work with your dog to achieve the desired results you want. How successful the outcome and how many sessions required depends on how quickly the dog’s caregivers learn and how diligently everyone consistently and patiently follows through with the intervention strategies.

Allow our canine behaviourist to help you look through the eyes of your dog, to understand and speak your dog’s language to arrive at the breakthrough you have always wanted with your canine buddy.

One-on-One Behaviour Modification


  • $180.00 per session (districts 14 to 18)
  • $210.00 per session (districts 1 to 13 and 19 and 20)
  • $240.00 per session (districts 21 to 28 and Sentosa)


  • $300.00 per session (districts 14 to 18)
  • $330.00 per session (districts 1 to 13 and 19 and 20)
  • $360.00 per session (districts 21 to 28 and Sentosa)

(You can check your district number here)

After an evaluation of the dog’s behaviour and the issues to work through, effective step-by-step behaviour modification strategies will be designed. Your and your family will be guided to understand your dog’s signals and measures will be put in place to help your dog cope better.

The desired outcome is a well-mannered, well-adjusted dog living happily and harmoniously with the family. A minimum commitment of two sessions is recommended.

Behaviour Modification Package

  • Every package consists of ten 1h sessions


  • $1500.00 per package (districts 14 to 18)
  • $1700.00 per package (districts 1 to 13 and 19 and 20)
  • $1900.00 per package (districts 21 to 28 and Sentosa)


  • $2500.00 per package (districts 14 to 18)
  • $2700.00 per package (districts 1 to 13 and 19 and 20)
  • $2900.00 per package (districts 21 to 28 and Sentosa)

(You can check your district number here)

For busy pet parents, our canine behaviourist can work with the dog first to achieve some level of breakthrough before transferring the information over to you to help you manage your dog.

After a one-time behaviour consultation and evaluation, our canine behaviourist will design a behaviour modification programme using effective reward-based and positive training methods, based on a scientific understanding of how dog’s learn to change undesirable behaviour.

Our canine behaviourist will lay the foundation to train your dog basic obedience commands and good canine manners in your home and around your neighbourhood. To provide a smooth transition, there will be handover training sessions to teach you how to handle your dog so that you and your family members will learn how to understand and manage your dog.

Online Behaviour Modification Consultation


  • $100 per 1h session
  • Live instruction, demonstration and remediation via video communication apps such as FaceTime, WhatsApp, Skype, Zoom, etc
  • Date and time at your convenience

Online behaviour modification consultation is the next best alternative to a home visit as we would be still be able to view what’s going on with your dog in your home as well as chat with you and your family members about the experiences and situations you have encountered.

Note: Prior to the session, a free 10 to 15 min video test call will be scheduled to ensure that potential issues such as WiFi signal, mishandling of the smartphone or tablet (too close or too far from the dog, angle, shakiness, etc.), lighting (too bright or dark) and voice (too soft or distorted) are addressed and resolved

Mastering Leash Manners

  • $420.00 for three 1h private training sessions (Jalan Pari Dedap Playground)
  • $480.00 for three 1h private training sessions (Districts 14 to 18)
  • $540.00 for three 1h private training sessions (Districts 1 to 13 and 19 and 20)
  • $630.00 for three 1h private training sessions (Districts 21 to 28 and Sentosa)

If your dog is either dragging you along, zig-zagging and veering off course or plain refusing to follow your lead, help is here. Walking your dog on-leash can be a relaxing and enjoyable experience, for both you and your dog!

Fixing Leash Reactivity

  • $600.00 for three one-hour sessions (Jalan Pari Dedap Playground)
  • $780.00 for three one-hour sessions (Districts 14 to 18)
  • $900.00 for three one-hour sessions (Districts 1 to 13 and 19 and 20)
  • $1050.00 for three one-hour sessions (Districts 21 to 28 and Sentosa)

Does your dog bark and lunge at cyclists, dogs, PMDs, joggers, etc.? Our canine behaviourist can help you learn to moderate your dog’s response to these commonly occurring triggers!

Our behaviour modification programmes are ideal for the following:

  • Aggressive behaviour
  • Fearfulness and insecurity
  • Separation anxiety
  • Chewing and destructive behaviour
  • Jumping, mouthing and hyper-activity
  • Nuisance barking
  • Pulling on the leash
  • Toileting in the house
  • Digging in the garden

And much more…