Where is training usually conducted?

Our Basic Obedience and Socialisation Group Classes are conducted at East Coast Beach and Bedok

Private training sessions are held either in your home or any place outdoors relevant to helping you address the dog’s needs.

How do I know if my dog is more suited for group or private training?

Private training is recommended for the following:

  • Your dog gets nervous in unfamiliar places.
  • Your dog gets car sick.
  • Your schedule makes it difficult for you to come for regular weekly sessions.
  • Your dog has aggression issues or any other targetted behavioural issues requiring more focused attention,

What is the difference between obedience training and behaviour modification?

In obedience training, you are taught to train your dog obedience commands like Sit, Down, Recall, Stay and Heel. In the socialisation section, you be be guided to teach your dog good canine manners.

Behaviour modification addresses behavioural issues like excessive barking, nervousness, aggression, pulling on the leash, destructive behaviour, separation anxiety, toilet training, over-excited jumping, resource guarding.

What are the vaccinations required?

For the Basic Obedience and Socialisation Group Class, dogs need to have completed at least three jabs and the annual jabs for adult dogs need to be up to date. We require a scanned copy of your dog’s health records when you register.

What is Project ADORE?

This landmark scheme by Ministry of National Development (MND), The Animal & Veterinary Service (AVS) and Housing and Development Board (HDB) allows mixed-breed dogs (mongrels or our beloved Singapore Specials) to be adopted by people who live in HDB apartments. You can find out more about Project ADORE here.

What is Project ADORE training?

Project ADORE Training is compulsory training for Singapore Specials a.k.a. mongrels adopted into HDB homes. The training fee is fixed by AVS at $250.00 per course and there is a set syllabus to be adhered to. Click Project ADORE Syllabus to find out more.

I just picked up a puppy. Can I join Project ADORE training and be awarded the Project ADORE training certificate after completion?

You must first ensure that your puppy or dog qualifies to be adopted under Project ADORE. To qualify for Project ADORE, dogs need to be at least 6 months old and no taller than 55cm from the ground to shoulders.

Only five Animal Welfare Groups (AWGs) are approved by AVS to facilitate Project ADORE adoptions. These AWGs are commonly referred to as Rehoming Partners.

The five AWGs are:

Action for Singapore Dogs

Causes for Animals (Singapore)

Exclusively Mongrels

Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Singapore


You may approach any of these five AWGs to help you facilitate your dog’s Project ADORE adoption.

Can I engage any dog trainer to train my dog and award it the Project ADORE Training Certificate?

Each of the five Project ADORE Rehoming Partners has their own panel of dog trainers. You have to engage the services of the trainers listed on the panel. K9 Kampong is very happy to announce that we are on the panels of all five AWGs under Project ADORE.

What method of payments do you accept, and when do I pay?

We accept bank transfer, PayLah or PayNow (preferred). Full payment in advance is required to reserve a place in the group class or a time slot for home-based training.

Important note: PLEASE DO NOT SEND PAYMENT WITHOUT COMPLETED SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS (Pre-training Questionnaire, Registration Form and Adoption Form for Project ADORE).

What is your cancellation policy?

We require at least four days’ notice for changing or cancelling a reservation. If this is not met, you will be expected to pay for the dates you reserved