Here are our customer testimonials from our Facebook page:

Luca is well on his way to becoming a good canine citizen!

I engaged Su Lin’s help with my pupper Luca at the lowest point of my life with him. I reached out to Su Lin very abruptly; she was kind enough to reciprocate and came as soon as possible. For that, I am really grateful. Adjusting to life with a new puppy isn’t easy as we are physically unable to communicate with them. Luca has several behavioral issues that I could not resolve as I didn’t understand the motivating factors behind them. Some of these are separation anxiety, reactivity towards strangers, lunging and barking on walks and overexcitement towards dogs and new people. She addressed the root cause of the problem rather than fixing symptoms which is crucial for training. She’s very methodical and reliable in her training, making it easy for us to replicate and follow through. I really appreciate her weekly check-ins on our progress as well. She is really the best trainer anyone can ask for. I trust her methods and see the fruits of my labour paying off. To all dog owners struggling, I feel for you! Hire a good trainer and trust the process. It may be long but it’s all worth it when you truly connect with your fur kid. 🥰 – Kai Teng, 21 Jan 2023


Sunil enjoying the gorgeous outdoors with Leo and Luna in the UK!

Kimberly did an amazing job of helping us and our two dogs Leo and Luna, through one of the biggest changes of our lives. We moved from Singapore to London and she worked closely with us to get our pups crate trained and comfortable for the journey. This took 3-4 weeks, over 3 sessions – the pace was set to what the dogs needed. She understood our family well and trained us well to prep our pups between her sessions. She did a great job of staying in touch the entire time, and ensured we felt confident about the process. She doesn’t rush but instead focuses on doing what’s right – she put in a lot of extra effort towards building trust and a strong foundation first. She cares deeply about their well being and places that foremost – and even does post session check-ins to ensure everything has gone per plan. We enjoyed working with Kimberly and would highly recommend her to anyone! Thanks. – Sunil Rao, 11 April 2022


Rocket sitting like a good boy!

Rocket (a Singapore special puppy), Denisa and me completed the “Puppy Start-It-Right” course with Kimberly in January 2022. I said that “we” completed the course because as much as we were training Rocket, we were also learning how to be better pawparents ourselves. Kimberly struck me as a very experienced and intuitive dog trainer, being able to quickly identify and drill down on Rocket’s puppy problems and teaching us how to manage them and to understand why Rocket behaved the way he did. For example, she helped to devise a system for us to leave home such as to minimise Rocket’s separation anxiety. Kimberly advocates training dogs through positive reinforcement which I found to be very effective in helping Rocket to retain what he learnt and making training fun (we could see that Rocket thoroughly enjoyed each training with Kimberly). Kimberly is very approachable and doesn’t hesitate to go the extra mile in helping us tackle Rocket’s puppy problems. Fast forward, Rocket is now a confident and obedient puppy who interacts well with other dogs and people, and we have Kimberly to thank for that. We strongly recommend Kimberly to anyone who needs help in training their dogs. – Rocket, Denisa, Leonard, 15 February 2022


Benji doing a “paw” with Dale

Benji passed his Basic Obedience Training at K9 Kampong Dog Training School with Chief Trainer, the super kind and super sweet Su Lin!

We felt like it was fate that she was recommended to us as a trainer through the shelter Exclusively Mongrels as I had met her before previously in a completely different context.

From the first moment Benji met her, he was drawn to her and followed her extremely well and she was so good with all the tips and tricks on how to work better with Benji and worked on his specific issues that we needed help on! She was so sweet and kind to Benji and I enjoyed every single session we had with her, and she truly is a genuinely caring person – not just as a trainer.

We truly appreciate the help and guidance, and we felt the sincere love and care towards our boy. We can’t thank you enough for it.

Thank you so much K9 Kampong! ❤️ – Trella Goh, 21 September 2021


In July 2021 my dog and I completed a Private Training Basic Obedience Programme with Su Lin, which consisted of three 1h sessions and priced at $450. Su Lin managed to teach the same cues as the Group Class of six 1h sessions at $350. The home-based training was intensive and Su Lin said I needed to do follow-up practices with my dog daily to reinforce his learning before the next session.

I was impressed that Su Lin was able to get my dog to sit, stay and down on day one. She then explained to me the thinking of a dog and showed me how to train him with incentives and rewards. In subsequent sessions she clarified the way to walk my dog – initially let him sniff around, not always to heel. Su Lin is knowledgeable and through discussions, I learned about the strong preying drive and unpredictable social interaction of my dog Kairos, a Singapore Special.

I feel proud that Kairos performed satisfactorily to get certification which Su Lin stressed, right from the start, it will be awarded for successful completion and if the dog handler showed satisfactory competency in handling the dog.

I can see that Su Lin is passionate and kind with dogs. I am glad to find a dog trainer who is professional and trustworthy. I strongly recommend Su Lin without reservation. 👍 – Low Hong Tong, 2 August 2021

Nefi and Camille with another dog

In a few sessions, Su worked miracles with Nefi, an insecure dog who barks at all the other dogs in the street. In a few weeks the change is remarkable and Nefi can now enjoy a walk to the park without shouting everywhere. I look forward to continuing to follow her advice so that she can soon play with her friends without fear. – Camille Delauney, 21 July 2021

Freddie with a house guest

I was on the verge of giving my dog; Freddie up. He was so reactive with people who visited the house and to some people (I could see no pattern) on walks. The final straw came when Freddie was extremely reactive to a visitor and then attacked our other dog and then I got bitten when I got in the middle of Freddie and our other dog! Freddie had a week away with the adoption agency; Pawsangels Singapore and Su Lin started working with him. Freddie was a different character away from us and Su Lin instantly reassured he was not reactive or aggressive whilst around them and that Freddie was resource guarding us and his territory. We’ve had only 4 sessions with Su Lin and I swear Freddie is like a different dog! Su Lin spent time assessing me and Freddie in what can be a ‘trigger’ situation, giving in the moment advice and feedback. She listened to what my concerns were with Freddie and gave me tools to deal with those concerns. Su Lin managed to increase my confidence with Freddie within a matter of 2 weeks as I could see almost instantly how her techniques worked. A massive standout for me was that Su Lin showed me, step by step, what I need to do when Freddie is challenged by a stranger in the house. Fred went from a stressed, barking, lurching dog to a relaxed, more accepting dog. Yes, Freddie is not ‘fixed’ and I will have to repeat this every time we have a visitor (until he associates visitors as positive) but now I feel equipped to deal with the situation. Today I managed to walk Freddie past triggers with confidence using the tools Su Lin advised and he didn’t react to anyone, we had a lovely walk that I thoroughly enjoyed (and if you’d asked me 3 weeks ago I’d have said I hated my walks with Freddie as I was always on edge!). I also love that Su Lin is not about ‘selling packages’ which seems to be the way here! Su Lin is truly here to empower US to care for our dogs in the shortest time possible. I cannot thank Su Lin enough and will be forever grateful for showing me just what a happy, relaxed boy Freddie can be. – Leigh Elson, 7 June 2021

Delta paying attention to Zimmer

We engaged Su Lin for a dog behaviour modification session for our furkid, Delta, who growls at other dogs especially if they are overly active. Su Lin helped us understand Delta better, and also guided us on how we could help Delta overcome his reactivity through positive reinforcement methods. With Su’s patience and guidance, We now have a better understanding of his emotions based on his body language, detecting signs of stress before it turns into fear-triggered aggression. We have benefited alot from Su Lin’s guidance and the improvement can be seen now when we take Delta on walks. Highly recommend! – Zimmer Chong, 2 April 2021

Saba jogging with her dogs

Trainer Su Lin is EXACTLY what I needed to facilitate walking 4 dogs through busy streets and crowded neighbourhoods. Despite the fact that NONE of my dogs are food motivated, Su Lin was able to help me use techniques that enhanced my communication with all my dogs ESPECIALLY my fear aggressive Singapore Special dog, my confident cheeky Mini-Poodle, and my excitable Schnauzer. Su Lin’s methods are simple but they work!! The most important thing is that she increases communication between owner and dog instead of resorting to harsh punishment. Personally her method of rewarding at the right moment was a break through for me in terms of keeping me dogs behaving as good canine citizens. Thank you Su Lin for being an ethical, dedicated, and amazing dog trainer! – Saba Rathore, 4 January 2021


Su Lin is a very responsible, responsive and caring trainer who believes in positive reinforcement. She led my Shiba Inu pup and I through the basic obedience training and we are both much enriched through her training course! Thank you Su Lin for the fantastic experience and also for all the invaluable advice! If you are looking for a positive trainer who really loves and cares for all dogs, look no further than K9 Kampong! Bonus – Su Lin is great with Singapore Specials too! – Catherine Foo, 6 December 2020


My husband and I recently adopted our first puppy, Mistress Aphrodite, after years of fostering. She has helped us not only with Missy but with other foster puppies.

She taught us how to deal with puppies jumping, redirection of focus away from birds, fear of bicycles/people, obedience training, door dashers and so much more! Most importantly, she taught us the right kind of love and discipline a dog needs.

We highly recommend her services. She was always respectful and acted positively to our dogs.

Thank you Su Lin! – Pia Chandra-Masters, 26 August 2020


Thank u Su Lin for the patience and tips in training Beary. He has indeed improved a lot over the weeks. Some small details we do not take notice of but thankfully Su Lin was able to give justifications for Beary’s behaviour and even gave suggestions how to handle it. Thank u so much! – Lim Min, 12 August 2020


Thanks to Su Lin for her helpful tips she provided during our online behaviour modification session during this circuit breaker period. It definitely helped me understand my dogs better and prevent fights from occurring at home due to their jealousy. – Wayne Tan, 1 June 2020


I did one online session with Su Lin, as my family is currently fostering a 7-month old SS (Noel) with the aim of adopting. He was fine for the first week but a major incident came up which left my family feeling worried about his behaviour and Su Lin was recommended to me.
Even though I had my initial doubts regarding the effectiveness of an online session, it was excellently delivered. Tony called me an hour prior to the session to set up the online meeting and what was required prior to the session.

The session started promptly on time and Su Lin was very professional throughout. I could tell she has a lot of experience, and not only did she tell you what you should do she also explains the reason behind it and what it meant whenever Noel displayed unwanted actions/behaviour.

She also ensured that you understood what was covered during the session and did a summary at the end, and ensured that you feel comfortable to ask any questions at any point of time!

Even though I had already made a few mistakes which ultimately led to a few unwanted behaviours from Noel, Su Lin was also very encouraging and ensured me that we will try and work on a few things first. What I really appreciated as well was that she still made herself available even after the session for any questions or advice which was really kind of her.

In just a few days, we have seen the improvements in Noel’s behaviour and we are starting to understand him as well. Still loads to work on but in just one session we can definitely see the benefits her advice gave us. I definitely recommend the online session to anyone! – JJ Lim, 20 May 2020


A huge thank you to Su Lin for teaching us and our 5 year old Moony on the Obedience and Socialisation classes. We are first time owners of a dog. Su Lin showed interest and asked more about Moony’s behaviours at home and in the community and gave useful tips suited for us. She also helped clarify misconceptions that we had. We are now more confident in walking Moony because we have switched to a harness. We understand her better as well now. – Pandiyan Pannirselvam, 1 April 2020


We’re not first-time dog owners but this is our first experience with a Singapore Special. Su Lin gave us useful insights and practical tips on managing our very nervous and skittish 8-month-old pupper. She taught us how to use a harness when walking Milla and made a number of practical suggestions on what we can do to build our dog’s confidence. Su Lin’s tips have made a significant difference to the quality of our walks. While Milla remains work in progress, it’s wonderful to see her enjoying her walks and growing in confidence. Thanks, Su Lin! – Reavley Munn Ye, 24 February 2020


The ingredients to good teaching involve a mixture of art, science, a dollop of patience and love.

From the get go, one can tell that Su Lin is extremely passionate about what she does from her clear instructions to the ability to grab the fur balls’ attention during training.

Su Lin conducted our 6 week lessons with ease and enthusiasm. She was especially patient with our cheeky 4 legged (Poppy) as Poppy was easily distracted and barked a lot. Su Lin continuously gave us encouragement, prompt feedback and advise in the situations we faced to become better dog owners.

‘Yay!’ to passing and learning more together! Thank you Su Lin! – Juliette Lim, 23 November 2019


Both my dog and I have learned a lot under Su Lin. Before the training, Pepper is extremely tuggy on the Leash. However, through the training, Pepper has learnt to be more calm and listens to commands=) – Travis Tan Guohao, 10 October 2019


Su Lin is one of the most nurturing and encouraging trainers I have ever met. Systematic, methodical and knowledgeable. Every session is enjoyable and engaging for me and my fur kid Yuzu. Thank you and kudos❤ – Wang Wang Wang, 21 September 2019


Su Lin came all the way down to my home to access the situation that causes Rufus to keep barking non stop. She gave me insightful technics to train him and told what to do and what not to do in order to correct his behavior. Thank you!:) – Tan Jia Yan, 17 September 2019


My Singapore Special Robbie has just completed his Basic Obedience course with Su-lin and Tony and I can’t thank them enough for their patience and dedication. They employ positive reinforcement training on dogs and I found it to be really effective on my dog! Thank you both!!❤ – Pamela Tan, 18 August 2019


We just completed the individual Basic Obedience Adore course with our energetic 🐕 with the fantastic trainings from Su Lin. We (my family and 🐶) learnt alot from her professional ways of dealing with my dog. Seeing my 🐶 improving each and everyday really surprised me!!! She is really a very amazing trainer that make me realised that all dogs can actually be trained regardless of age (7yrs 5mths) and size to behave in public, are always depending how we handled them!!! She taught me how to be a calm, firm and confident handler. That was always my dream that I can have a walk in Park with my 🐕 that I always thought is a “dream on”. As my 🐕 always the one strolling me instead 😔 for the past and I scared to actually bring him down to walk or even entering lift 😭 But my dream had came true!!!! Thanks Su Lin without you, I will never fulfilled this!!! No regrets of choosing you to be “Our” (me and my 🐕 haha) trainer!!! Thanks you once again on behalf of Bravo too, for giving him the chance to explore the places!!! (hope you won’t get sick of my thanks 😅) from the bottom of our ❤️❤️ – Elia Le Ros, 12 March 2019


We just completed our Basic Obedience Adore Programme with Su Lin. She’s an excellent trainer, patient and very clear in her instructions. will definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a good trainer. – Pepi Tan, 12 February 2019


Really glad that I attended Su Lin’s classes with my dog. Su Lin is friendly, patient and provides insightful advice catered to the respective participants in the class. – Thomas Hopf, 13 January 2019


Su Lin is a patient and friendly trainer. Her training is catered to my dog’s needs she will feedback on the areas for improvement and commends on the areas that were done well. With her pointing out to me that my dog actually feeds on my negative energy and acts upon it, I manage to bring out the calmer side of my dog by being calm myself.

I highly recommend getting your furry companion trained with K9 Kampong! – Cindy Tan, 4 December 2018


Su Lin is a warm and patient trainer who goes the extra mile to ensure your dog gets the attention it needs. After a couple of group basic obedience classes, she realised that our dogs weren’t getting the full training as some were hyper/active while other pups were shy/timid. She then split us up into two different training sessions, which meant an entire extra hour on her weekend mornings. Her efforts and dedication didn’t go to waste though: our dogs passed the obedience test with flying colours!

Now, I feel more confident when taking my canine buddy out for walks as she listens to my commands more. I’d miss Su Lin and the other furry classmates now that training has ended. Thanks so much for teaching Scotti and me! – Vern Lim, 3 December 2018


Su Lin is simply amazing!! I could still recalled during lesson one, when she showed us how to handle a dog, and each time, when a different dog is under her hands, they magically listened to her!!

Over the passed 6 weeks, Omu has made tremendous improvement. Initially we had difficulty getting Omu to focus on field.

But with the patience guidance from Su Lin, we can understand Omu better and her focusing is much more better.

Definitely recommend K9 Kampong. – Weikang Chan, 22 October 2018


When we first adopted Vera, she was either barking or attempting to chase after every cat, car, e-scooter, scooter and chicken. Walks were not enjoyable for us. They were an unpleasant workout for my entire arm and back! After working with Su Lin over the 6 weeks and putting in the time and effort to adapt my behavior towards Vera and ensuring that we are all consistent with her. Now walks are pleasant and a joy with Vera. Thank you so much Su Lin for all your encouragement, tips and always being available to dispense your gems of tips and insights so that I can be a good pawparent and Vera a good canine citizen. Even to the point where all my neighbors are happy to see her and she is welcomed by everyone.
Oh yes! The classes were also great where Vera gets to meet different dogs of varying characters and quirks and learn to adapt and work on her socialization skills with dogs and humans. Now dog ownership is not so lonely anymore. I can’t wait for the community walks! – Yvette Quek I-Gek, 21 October 2018


I have to share how amazing Su Lin is from K9 Kampong! Besides her pleasant reward based training method, she also give useful tips & insight on how to handle or communicate with Timo; my fear aggression adopted Singapore Special boy.

My tenants who used to have phobia with Timo due to 2 nipping incidents, now feels more confident to get about in the house and interacting with Timo. They too agreed with Su Lin’s method of training and praise her patience & professionalism. Su Lin has helped me to make them understand on how & what are the right ways to deal with Timo.

I would recommend Su Lin to all new dogs owner or anyone who need a refresher training course for their doggies. Nothing beats a good training under a patience, dedicated, pleasant & experience dogs trainer.

Thank you Su Lin!!

From Joey, Timo’s mama. – Timo, 19 October 2018


Su Lin is a wonderful trainer with a calm and firm presence that both canines and humans alike can sense. She is responsive, helpful and clearly has a heart for animals.

Su Lin was the second trainer we had contacted for our poodle who is new to us n came from a difficult background. He had been barking at us, particularly one member of the family and could not be left alone without barking continuously. She was able to read our dog’s body language accurately, interpret it for us n explain what he was reacting to. She taught us to do the same and gave clear, structured steps for us to progress through to address his barking at the family member. She gave clear explanations for her suggestions, helping us understand the way dogs are wired n how her suggestions impacted on and made use of that understanding in shaping the behaviour.

Su Lin’s assessment of our situation n the concrete steps suggested were particularly helpful in light of the previous assessment and recommendations given.

We are still working on the issues and already seeing some progress in a couple of areas. Hoping our dog will be ready to join her group classes soon. looking forward to them! – Mandy Heng, 10 September 2018


Oreo is stuffed with lots of characters which at times left me clueless what might be the way to reach out to her. Su Lin broke down Oreo’s different behaviours and how to better approach them. Her professionalism and calmness gave me assurance that everything is and can be in control. She don’t expect super top class performance from Oreo but set an improvement goal which made Oreo cool with the training classes and subsequently making big leap in improvement.
Training definitely will not end today (which by the way was Oreo’s graduation day) and will bring Oreo to Su Lin’s socialization class.
Thumbs up. – Gerald Tan, 6 September 2018


I adopted a rescue puppy (Buddy) who didn’t know of any manners in playing and has been a jumpy and bitey little rascal when let loose from the playpen. Buddy was a huge problem for us since he never had another adult dog to straighten him out and my family members were starting to be wary of him when he’s out playing.

Friends at SS group recommended for us to seek help from Su Lin and we did. In just one behavior modification session, we learnt so much about Buddy, what he was thinking, what we did to have encouraged his unwanted behavior and what we should have done. (All the little things we could never have thought) The best thing is, Su Lin makes it very easy and simple for us to understand the rational of each action we made and should make when interacting with Buddy.

Great session that was well worth the money spent.

Su Lin also makes it a point to check on how we’re doing with Buddy and if the human modification worked better to improve Buddy’s behavior.

Training with Su Lin definitely feels more like building a long-term relationship with a mentor rather than a one-off session that we engaged for.

Highly recommended! – WL Dee, 29 August 2018


My husband and I engaged Su Lin to train us and two newly adopted dogs recently. That is our first time to have a dog trainer but it was really beneficial. We have learnt a lot and she listens to our situation very well to provide a solution. We had a problem of watching TV as dogs keep barking towards TV but it has been solved amazingly! Highly recommend to engage her at the earliest timing of when you get a dog! – Akiko Kamata, 19 August 2018


Strongly, highly recommended to people who wish to engage for dog training 🙂

Su Lin has a big passion of what she is doing and a big heart towards dogs… she is a lovely, patient and always be there to provide solutions to your issues.

Go and experience with your doggy than my “words”.. you will will the difference between day 1 till the day your dog has graduated! – Tan Lawrence, 11 August 2018


Me and my husband are very grateful to have attended the Basic Obedience Training with Lizzie at K9 Kampong. Sulin and Tony are very encouraging. With their positive reinforcement method, I now have more patience and understanding towards Lizzie’s behaviour. Now me and my dog Lizzie have a better team work and relationship together!

Sulin and Tony also truly care for the trainees. I was worried that after the training, Lizzie will not have chance to socialise with other dogs under guidance. But they announced that they will be organising regular social sessions and support the group! Super thankful for them!

I highly recommend K9 Kampong and glad to be part of their alumni. – Meerly Peiyiik W. Reyes, 5 August 2018


Structured home based obedience training where Su Lin targeted on specific issues for our dog. The tips offered by Su Lin helped us become more confident masters. Su Lin being a calm trainer, helped us work through all the training issues within 3 sessions and she was very encouraging and assuring throughout out training journey. Thank you Su Lin for all the guidance! – Nanthini Rajendran, 22 July 2018


Lumi loved going to class! Su Lin is such a patient, loving trainer! – Angela Chong, 14 April 2018


Su Lin is a godsend. Within minutes of walking out the patio door, our teenage Hannah went back to zooming around on the grass with her tongue out!

Su Lin’s deep knowledge in handling dogs, especially Singapore Specials, is evident from the moment she stepped into my house. She is warm, professional, patient and non-judgemental. She gives insights on Hannah’s body language and behaviours in a frank, no-frills manner.

Looking forward to further sessions with you and let’s work together to make Hannah a beautiful, confident and happy doggie! – Atikk Sue Mekrat, 6 April 2018


Daisy and I had just moved house and I was stress and worried and unsure of how to handle her sudden bout of howling and attention seeking. I was worried the neighbors will complain or the problem would get worse. Su Lin helped me become more confident in handling her daisy and becoming a more calm and firm leader for her. With the exercises and tips Su Lin gave, daisy is becoming a more calm girl everyday, even loosing some of the bad behavior she had before I moved house. – Grace Kng Li Lin, 8 March 2018


Jarvis passed his obedience test this morning! Kudos to Su for her patience, encouragement, crystal clear instructions and for keeping it fun these past 6 weeks. I remember when she acted out the obedience test during the first class, I laughed. There was NO way Jarvis was going to obey me to do THAT. Sit, down, stay, heel, come. Especially when there is another dog, cat, human or bird to play with. But here he is 6 weeks later, looking at my cues as we walk, sitting on command and staying. Just goes to shows how well behaved Singapore Specials can be. – Tham Yen Siang, 3 March 2018


Signing up for the basic obedience course was a good 5-6 weeks of training with Su Lin. The training methods used were very beneficial and we learnt a lot about our dog Fubby as the weeks went by. We followed up with a lodge and learn programme and through the 16 days that Fubby was there, she has benefited a lot and the improvement can be seen now when we take her on walks. Definitely would recommend K9 Kampong to anyone! – Grace Magdalene Ong, 24 December 2017


Su had been amazing and very caring towards our situation. We took a puppy for a week trial and he was barking all night and refused to go out on walks. With Su’s help, he slept the whole night after her first visit and in less than a week we were able to take him out on daily walks. Su is still interested in how Biscuit is doing and we recommend her to anyone who has any issues. She is gentle and patient and non judgemental. Thanks to her we kept Biscuit and are truly happy with him. Thank you! – Andrea D Pearce, 16 December 2017


Pepper doesn’t take easy to people (or dogs), but she really looks forward to going to daycare here. Sulin does an excellent job in moderating the dog-to-dog interactions. – Junie Loh, 13 December 2017


Contacted Su a while back regarding our youngest boy, Spots. Spots had a problem with aggression whenever he sees another dog and it was really hard for us to handle especially with his size (26kg). Su was patient with us and helped all of us understand Spots behavior and actions and how to work on it in the future so that we can ultimately achieve spots being calm during walks and not having to fear him charging at other dogs .

Loved how Su also gave us advice on how to deal with his dominant behavior towards our other two senior dogs.

Am super grateful for the frankness and the training session overall. I had past experiences with other trainers that were not as pleasant. Would definitely recommend Su to any pawrent I know ! (;

Also really love the collar and leash you recommended for us to help with our walks with Spots ! – Victoria Lee, 28 November 2017


8.55 pm: we just ended our 95 mins walk.

Guinness was a bad walking companion from the start, or maybe we were the bad walking companions. No one wants to walk him, I was probably the last man standing. No one enjoys walking with him. He pulls, he tugs, he is everything you can imagine of. After a year of trying, I contacted Su and we went on the obedience course together.

After 6 lessons, Guinness, although still not the 100% prefect walking companion, he is so much better now or maybe, we were a better walking companion for him now. He still pulls, he still tugs at times, but he knows that there’s a limit to it.

It takes a three-way patience and understanding from Guinness, Su and I. Su was there to show us the model answers and give us encouragement. Through these, Guinness learnt about me, and me learnt more about Guinness.

It’s never too late to start! – Ing Ing Claudia, 10 November 2017


I’d a dog on homestay who I am looking to adopt from SOSD. I was having some trouble with leash walking and contacted Su Lin for help. She came today and was able to give me good reassurances and advice on how to better control the leash and help the dog overcome his environmental challenges. She was very patient and gave me confidence to go ahead with the decision to adopt the lovely Weasley. 😉 Thank You Very Much, Su Lin! – Kathryn Tan, 4 November 2017


Couple of weeks ago, I contacted Su about my 2 Maltese pups who were seemingly starting to show signs of ‘aggression’ of attempting to suddenly snap at other dogs that they meet on their walks. One of my 2 boys, also had a lunging problem and his high energy (and sometimes nervous energy level) made walking him very stressful as he was reactive to the smallest thing. Unlike a few other trainers whom I consulted previously (and who recommended a ‘fixed’ package straight away with a min. no. of sessions) Su suggested that she assessed them during a trial session first before making any recommendations for course of action. Upon the trial session + a subsequent daycare session, she told us that my puppies were not aggressive, and simply not socialized enough to other dogs and hence did not know how to act around them. She simply recommended for me to bring them to play with other dogs more regularly so that they will be well balanced pups. She also gave tips on how to manage Rascal (high energy crazy pup) on walks. Both pups still have some way to go, but using Su’s advice has definitely brought much improvement to both of them. I am also much more confident in reading and managing their various behaviors. I’m very grateful that Su was honest with me, and recommended only what we needed and not try to ‘sell’ more etc a fixed package. Will definitely also consider using K9 kampong if I need more services in future. 2 thumbs up for Su and K9 Kampong!!! – Melissa Chay, 29 September 2017


Su Lin showed me it was possible to get my spoilt dog to do what I wanted. Waggy was peeing on the parquet when she felt like it even when she knew there was paper available, and barking from 3am -waking up time. Su Lin identified immediately how I was reacting with anxiety and my dog was using this to manipulate me. She gave specific modifications for Waggy’s behaviour (and my behaviour) and followed up with daily check-ins and encouraging advice. Most importantly, she gave me hope – that I could continue to live with Waggy. After 5 other dogs, I never thought I’d need a dog trainer to teach me how to get along with my dog but after this experience, I can see how much better it has made our lives. I don’t regret the expenditure at all- it’s worth it. – Gwen Lim, 10 September 2017


This review came a little late but just five stars alone definitely ain’t enough to review our session with Su!
We engaged Su for a dog behaviour modification session for our recently adopted furkid, Haru. Haru had the tendency to keep her head down most of the time, freezes during walks, and growls at other dogs especially if they are overly active. Through our session with Su, she has helped us understand Haru better, and also guided us on how we could help Haru overcome her head hanging and freezing issues through positive reinforcement methods.

With Su’s patience and guidance, we now have a girl who seems to be happier and walks with her head a little higher, and no longer has freezing issues. We now have a better understanding of how she is feeling based off her body language, detecting signs of stress before it turns into fear-triggered aggression using tips Su has shared with us. This has definitely helped us greatly, reducing stress for both Haru and ourselves. This has even helped Haru become slightly more tolerant and reduced her fear of other dogs, allowing her to be around other furkids selectively!

Definitely an all-paws up experience. Thank you Su! – Sandra Goh, 29 August 2017


Our 1 year old Singapore Special Nyxie graduated from obedience training at K9 Kampong. She was already well potty trained when we got her a month ago, thanks to the awesome volunteers at SOSD. But she was very energetic and scared of other dogs. After the obedience training, her leash walking improved dramatically and she now surprises us by learning things faster each time. The experience of interacting with other dogs in the dog park after class also helped her in learning to make friends. Thanks to the targeted training and tips that Su Lin gave us, Nyxie and her pawparents get better everyday at figuring things out together. We are very grateful and recommend Su Lin highly as a K9 trainer! – Reshma Varghese, 9 July 2017


Su is very special to my family (as in me and my two “special” Specials). I adopted Tux from SOSD and Su was his foster mummy and rehomer. Tux is now handsome, graceful and loving dog, just a little shy. He loves being with other dogs, but he never did very well in packs due to his timid and fearful nature. Su took him home and her patience, dedication, and love is what made Tux today. If you ask her, she will happily tell the story of her boy.

To keep Tux company, I adopted another Special puppy. At 7 month old, CJ came home a very cheerful, happy, extremely funny pup that never stop making us giggle every day. He was fortunately rescued at 2 days old with a pneumonia and fostered at a vet clinic environment. That also means he grew up without a mother and a litter. Although he was well socialised with dogs, humans, and all other animals visiting the clinic. Sounds like a good recipe for a succesful dog!

But his puberty kicked in and he changed to a fearful, insecure, snappy, unstable (and when i say unstable, he would come happily asking for a pat and then snap when I pat him) dog at 11 month old. I tried puppy class and other trainers to help but, somehow it didn’t click. At the end of 2016, Su told me that she started doing dog training full time, so I didn’t hesitate to ask for her help. Who could be better than her handling and training fearful insecure dog! She started few private sessions with CJ at home (He was dominant and snappy at home but very timid and scared outside). Since then, we (the vet, Su, and I) have accepted that he is psychologically challenged, but also very smart. His learning journey is a little different to most dogs. He has overcome some issues and develop new issues, and overcome them. CJ is much now more stable, doesn’t snap at people anymore, and gets along with Tux very well.

It’s a rewarding learning journey that Su has been patiently guiding us and shared some laughters with my comic dog. – Steffanie Komalasari, 20 June 2017


Thank you Su for guiding us in training to correct Peanut’s bad behaviours such as barking, biting and hyperactive jumping! Su was very patient and her instructions were very easy to follow. The follow up session via chat was extremely helpful too as it reinforces our own training at home. We still have a few issues to tackle, but we are looking forward to a more happy and balanced furkid, and being a better pawrent with Su’s help! – Joys Tan, 26 May 2017


I was introduced to Su Lin by a Friend. I contacted her via Facebook and she got back to me really fast and asked if we could talk over the phone. She was very warm and approachable in our conversation and her energy was very calming. In our conversation, she was concerned in getting to know my dog’s background and trying to see things in both our dog’s eyes and through our eyes. This gave me confidence that she was the one I should work with (as I was actually talking to a few Trainers to have a feel of their energy). When we met her, she was listening attentively while analysing Max’s trigger markers and also pointing out where we’ve gone wrong as owners. She was not judgemental with our mistakes but taught us patiently how to correct it.

After sitting down and finding his trigger markers at home, we went down and she corrected the way we were handling max during our walks and gave us insightful information about his body language and our body language. We thought that we’d have to lodge Max and fork out a big sum of money for his training but she is very honest with her work and told us to spend the time correcting our own mistakes and to continue to update her and she would willingly advise us over the phone. Thank you Su Lin. We will continue to work on ourselves and on Max. – Chelsea Rodrigues, 20 May 2017


I believe my pet Leone enjoyed his stay very much; so much so, he wasn’t really excited to see me after 20 days when I picked him up!! Leone is a troubled insecure SPOILT maltipoo and can be aggressive towards strangers. However, Su managed to encourage him and manage him very well . Leone adores Su so much now. He followed her around and was loving towards her and other dogs in the household (from the regular videos I received). My family and I are very impressed with K9 kampung. Su is very responsible and passionate towards all animals. Whatever Su is doing; it’s superb!! I enrolled Leone with her with a huge leap of faith and I am so happy with the results of lodge and learn Programme! – Melissa Lim Pei Qiang, 2 May 2017


Sulin had one session with Notti and we noted a change in Notti. Sulin told us, Notti felt insecure cos of kids’ nervousness. Dogs need calm, confident leaders. She encouraged us to assert our leadership, refresh obedience commands so that Notti learns to respect and obey us. Kids follow Sulin’s instructions and Notti is progressing well. Hope Notti will become a more balanced dog soon. – Heng Djie Kang, 5 April 2017


We engaged Sulin for one session of training for my puppy. She was extremely helpful and insightful and I learnt so much from that session. Therefore we decided to bring him for daycare to help him socialize with her well behaved and calm doggies. She gave me feedback throughout the day and took her time to answer all my questions thoroughly. I felt that she genuinely cares for every single doggy that she trains. We will definitely be sending my puppy back again! – Ashley Thean, 4 April 2017


I knew dog training wasn’t just about the dog(s), it’s about training the humans as well, so I wanted someone that I felt I could trust. Besides Su Lin coming highly recommended, I saw her work with SOSD and loved her philosophy of giving back. My dog, Nana, is generally well behaved with a few peculiar issues: for one, she barks (a lot) at Washing Machine Monster on spin cycle. Su Lin assured us that it’s okay to remove Nana from the source of her distress wherever possible, she taught us that it’s okay to “spam” Nana with “high value treats” to take her mind off whatever distresses her, slowly conditioning her towards new behaviour. I’m really pleased with some of the skills Su Lin’s taught us. We’re not there yet and I envision a few more sessions, but for now, I’m practising what I’ve learnt diligently. – Kay Hui, 29 March 2017


2 days into the adoption process for Casper ( a 10 mth old Japanese spitz ) from SOSD, calling Su Lin for professional help was the best thing I could have done to salvage the adoption process, which otherwise could well have been a failed adoption for a very lovable young dog. Casper had kept me awake for 2 consecutive nights (after bringing him home from the fosterer), barking and yelping frantically and demonstrating extreme anxiety behaviour of biting the playpen we caged him in for the night. The only way I got him to stop, was to relent by sitting or sleeping next to his pen the entire night in the covered backyard… an awful and unsustainable experience for me and my family.

Fortunately we were recommended to call Su Lin for help, and she delivered. Su Lin was prompt, was direct (no BS) and quick enough to help us identify a way out that is acceptable to us and good for Casper in the long term. Clearly Su Lin was confident in her proposal, i.e. by letting Casper sleep w/o caging him in our Living/Dining area while we retire for the night upstairs in our own bedroom. And her follow up engagement with us to offer further advice after the visit is super. We had now 2 consecutive nights of peaceful sleep for all including Casper. Thank You Su Lin. We are still adapting to home Casper to his new environment and there are other challenges. However w/o going into more details, we can move forward knowing we can count on Su Lin’s help along the way. – Cheong Weng Heng, 28 March 2017


Su is all about positive reinforcement and setting the dog for success! And that’s what I really believe in as well. Her love for dogs come through during our training sessions as she coaches us dog owners on how we can be leaders and better owners for our doggies. I learnt so much more about dog behavior and how I can effectively correct certain behaviors. Thank you so much SU! – Clara Tan, 17 March 2017


The best around! Love the way they are so dedicated to dogs! – Amos Mok, 8 February 2017


10 paws up for Su and her team of ambassadogs! Sammy stayed with her for 12 days for boarding and her Lodge and Learn programme while I was away. Real peace of mind knowing that he’s staying in a family environment with loving and patient handlers and that he isn’t penned up on his own in a crate as that would be the easy way out to deal with a reactive dog. Su also sends updates and videos on what antics Sammy was getting up to daily. Boarding him here is as good as leaving him with a trusted friend. He got plenty of walks and play time with the resident dogs plus intensive tuition on how to be a better behaved canine citizen. Definitely recommended! – Sharlene Jap, 5 February 2017


Patient and knowledgeable trainer to work with! Helped us better understand our dog’s behaviour. – Tan Hey, 11 January 2017


I signed Kangaroo up for a 10-day Lodge and Learn program as I wanted her to learn to be comfortable surrounded by other doggies so she can play with them. She’s quite anti social and aggressive with other doggies and penned up by herself at home during the day until I come home at night. My wish for her to move around freely and enjoy the company of other doggies during the day has been granted by K9 fairy! Kangaroo has “graduated” from the 10-day program and she’s now placed in daycare. Su Lin has a way with doggies and I know Kangaroo is definitely happier with greater freedom and more friends now! Check out the latest video where Kangaroo plays with her new friend Ben! – Iris Lim, 1 February 2017


I boarded my 6 month old Peanut at K9 Kampong for 10 days while away on holidays. What I had hoped to achieve for her was for her to overcome her fears of other dogs. Every time she goes to dog parties, she’d tremble and sit at a corner in fear, which I understand it’s a common symptom for single dog owners – due to the lack of interaction. The cutting edge, to me, for K9 Kampong, is not just the price but more importantly, to have a qualified trainer who can successfully do a behaviour modification with methods that are non aggressive.

The first result I saw was while walking her. She approached other dogs with a wag on her tail, prompting them to play. Gone are the days she would bolt off in the opposite direction in fear. I barely recognized her! Needless to say, I’d definitely board her again with K9 Kampong. For the sake of her interaction skills, well being and of course the constant videos and photos sent daily assured me she was well taken care of. There’s nothing better than a peace of mind at home while traveling! Thanks Sulin for going the extra mile for her! – Sze Lin Low, 29 November 2016