Puppy parents, listen up! Puppy Start-It-Right comprises three fun-filled and activity-laden courses to choose from!

Course A (Puppy Playschool) 

  • For puppies four months and younger
  • This is a flexible, modular course with a rolling enrollment (see below)
  • Four one-hour sessions on Saturdays and/or Sundays (2.00pm to 3.00pm)
  • $200.00 per puppy


This is our new, fully air-conditioned, 1500 square feet indoor training school!

Group size: maximum six puppies

MODULE A: Household Training

  • Toilet training, puppy nipping, destructive chewing and barking
  • Preventing separation anxiety and crate training
  • Teaching your puppy its name and the COME command
  • Introducing the vacuum cleaner and shopping trolley

MODULE B: Puppy Biting and Handling

  • Massaging and calming your puppy, veterinary and groomer handling routines
  • Introducing toys and how to play with your puppy
  • Introducing the SIT and RELEASE commands
  • Introducing loose leash heeling

MODULE C: Manners and Safety Training

  • Impulse control: SIT and WAIT
  • Introducing the PLACE and DOWN commands
  • Preventing Resource Guarding
  • Practise loose leash heeling

MODULE D: Safe Socialisation

  • Socialisation and handling by different people
  • Education: About puppies and children
  • Introducing the skate scooter and bicycle
  • Practise loose leash heeling


  • One module will be covered per session
  • You may start the course with any module, depending on when you will attend the first session
  • For example, if your first session coincides with Module C, then next three sessions are in this order: Module D, Module A and Module B

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is the only course with rolling enrollment

Course B 

  • For puppies four months and younger
  • A one-hour home-based session and four one-hour Puppy Playschool sessions
  • The date and time for the one-hour home-based session will be scheduled to suit your convenience
  • For the dates and times of Puppy Playschool, refer to COURSE A
  • $380.00 per puppy

Course C 

  • For puppies five months to ten months
  • A one-hour home-based session and six one-hour Basic Obedience and Socialisation Group Class sessions
  • The date and time for the one-hour home-based session will be scheduled to suit your convenience
  • For the dates and times, and venues of Basic Obedience and Socialisation Group Class, click here
  • $500.00 per puppy

The most critical time to socialise a puppy is during the first four months of life. During this narrow window, the puppy’s brain is most inclined to accept new experiences. What your pup encounters at this life-stage will shape its character, temperament and behaviour for the rest of its life.

If your puppy isn’t socialised during the first four months, it can increase the risk of behaviour problems such as fear, avoidance and aggression later in its life. These problems can be excruciatingly difficult to fix in an older animal.

Puppy Playschool aims to provide lots of positive socialisation experiences to shape happy and confident puppies. We will also teach puppy parents the many ways to teach polite puppy manners. Puppies will learn basic obedience cues through play. Puppy parents will also learn how to manage common puppy issues like play nipping, jumping and toilet training.

Puppy Playschool graduates can join our Doggy Daycare to continue the socialisation and positive learning experiences with us.

(Read our blog post to find out why it is extremely important to socialise your puppy)